PF Balance Online, PF Transfer/Withdraw Status Online

There is no any website is available for knowing the PF account balance through the online.
but, You can know the PF Claim status through online, it can be use by every state. As per below link.

So, please be ware of same & be secure from fake sites.

It was a pain for all of us to know the status of PF transfer /withdrawal once it is initiated. We had to wait for a long time and there would not be any clue of whether transfer would happen or not. But now we have got a chance to see PF Transfer/Withdrawl status online. The Indian government has created a web site where we can check the details regarding our PF transfer /withdrawal. All we have to know is our PF account number given in our previous office.

Click here to know your PF withdrawal/transfer status.Select the state and the exact place where you were working previously. Provide the establishment code which is available in your PF account number. For example if your PF account number is TN/12345/2003, then your establishment code is 12345. Once you provide this establishment code in the appropriate place, the name of your previous employer appears below the column which confirms that you have entered the establishment code correctly. Finally provide your employee id of your previous company and then click the “Get Claim Status” to know the status of your PF transfer /withdrawal.

Website to check PF Transfer/Withdrawl status

What you need to know for checking the balance of PF?There are three fields which you will have to fill. These are :

  1. Establishment Code ,
  2. Establishment  Extensions
  3. Employee Number

All these can be found from your EPF Number. If your EPF number is KR/KK/123A/456 then
Establishment Code is 123
Est.Extension is A
Employee Number is 456

Remember , if your establishment has no unit or other branch, there mey not be extension number.In that case , you do not have to fill extension number.

Go to this link and you will get the following window

For Kerala, Gujarat and Chennai region read this How To Check Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Balance Online?

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